Sexy Costume Ideas for this Christmas Season

If you are planning a grand Christmas party this year and are looking for some great costume ideas, this article will give you some really hot ideas. When it comes to dressing up in fancy costumes for Christmas, there is no shortage of ideas. Men often prefer dressing up in pirate costumes, or as superheroes, or something that has remained from their Halloween celebrations, like a ghoul costume or something out of a fantasy movie or book. For women, the choices are more or less the same but with a difference. They can choose to appear not only suitably costumed to complement the festive season, but also look cool and sexy at that.


If you are a woman and looking for something ‘special’ to wear this Christmas Season, choose something that is sure to turn heads and make the men-folks flock to your side. Yes, I’m hinting at nothing else than that exclusive group of costumes known as sexy costumes. These ‘hot’ costume ideas will generate enough heat to melt the winter snow and keep everybody entertained to the hilt.


If sexy costumes are on your mind, you’d find that there are actually tons of exciting ideas to choose from. From sexy lingerie based costumes to sexy nurse costumes, these adult costumes come in all degrees of boldness. Choose something only marginally sexy or something downright outrageous or anything in between – it all depends on how sexy a look you are planning for the big event.


Online costume stores are a great place to shop for these sexy costumes. Browse through their usually large inventory, take your pick, specify the right size, choose accessories if you want and then, order online. Your costumes will be delivered to your doorstep discreetly and well in advance of the event. It’s extremely convenient and the perfect way to shop if you really wish to surprise your friends with a bold sexy look this Christmas.



Hotel California Lyrics Backwards Edit

No sooner have the stores taken down their Halloween displays than they’re replacing them with huge spangly icicles, gold stars and beaming Santas. Hotel California Lyrics Backwards EditThe pressure’s on to fight late night shoppers, order turkeys and vast pork pies, and work out how to be in three different places on Christmas Day. There’s no escape.

Or is there? Maybe it’s time to start thinking outside the festive box.

For those fortunate families who love the annual round of feeding fourteen relatives, closing the curtains against the drizzle and huddling round for the TV Christmas Specials and yet more chocolates – great! But what if you’re one of those countless people who secretly yearn to be rebellious and dare to Do Something Different?

Celebrating Christmas away from home doesn’t mean that you have to lose the festive atmosphere – unless, of course, you want to! The possibilities are endless. All it takes is a bit of imagination and planning – and, if you stay at home, aren’t you doing enough of that anyway?

As with anything involving travel and accommodation, budget will be a key consideration. The least expensive option is likely to be simply treating yourself to a ‘day off.’ Instead of spending hours in a steamy kitchen, returning to wrestle a pile of washing-up and trying to squeeze some relaxation in between, many people turn to a local restaurant or hotel. Served with good quality food and all the hassle taken care of, they can make the most of the day and enjoy it from start to end.

Spending the festive season at an all-inclusive British holiday park/camp can be a great way for mums and dads to take it easy while the kids still get to enjoy a fun-packed Christmas. As ever, there’s tons for children to do, loads more room for them to let off steam… and Santa still drops by for the ones who’ve been good!

For younger children, where better to see Father Christmas than at home in Lapland… and if he’s already whizzed off on his sleigh, well the elves will still be around to give a warm welcome, taking a well-earned break after all that hard work! As well as day trips, there are plenty of tours around, lasting from two days upwards. Huskies, snowmobiles and those all-important reindeer will all leave magical memories that the kids will treasure for ever.

When it comes to the grown-ups, city breaks are always a popular choice and there are plenty to be had at a reasonable price for those shopping around. Prague, with its rich history and opulent beauty, is a firm favourite and the wonderful Christmas markets are open throughout the festive season, including Christmas Day itself. In Vienna, the Christkindlmarkt in the City Hall Square is famous the world over for its elaborately decorated trees, dozens of wooden huts selling gifts and food and, of course, welcome glasses of hot Gluhwein.

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Curiously, although renowned as one of the most romantic and magical places in the world, Venice is comparatively overlooked when it comes to spending Christmas away from home. Gone are the souvenir stalls and sweltering August crowds, as the population seeps to just half of its summer size. Spending Christmas in Venice gives the visitor a chance to enjoy the real city, with its wonderful architecture fully on show and evening concerts in its vast, albeit chilly basilicas.

If it’s that traditional White Christmas you’re dreaming of, then the ski resorts of Switzerland, France and Austria are great places to head for. Sunshine on crisp snow, pine-covered mountains and crackling log fires all make for that perfect Christmas card scene. And, away from the slopes, a glass or two of hot punch always goes down well as the snow softly falls.

For those with a higher budget and looking for a decidedly less chilly Christmas, what better than a Caribbean island or the Maldives. With softly swaying palms, turquoise seas and freshly prepared gourmet food and drink, how much further could you get from rainy streets, empty sweet wrappers and yet another turkey sandwich?

But for Christmas with an even bigger difference, imagine being out in the deep, silent snow at night, lying on a reindeer skin as amazing colours dance and shimmer their way across the sky. Imagine the spectacular Northern Lights. Several destinations offer a great chance to see the Aurora Borealis in all its magnificent glory, including Finland, Norway, Sweden and The Yukon.

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Classic Sterling Heart Bracelet With Cascading Czs

Picking Out Heart bracelets Compositions for teenagers and childrenAll girls passion to take in jewelries as a gift from their relatives and admirers. This is why internet jewelry shops and other sponsors are employing this opportunity to bid a wide range of heart bracelets pieces that girls and children would by All odds love to boast. Every of these heart bracelets jewels hail in varied sizes and elans that are positive to fit in your supporter, daughter or niece. Do not look at this an extravagant present, here you can see a couple of hints that may assist you get heart bracelets decorations that would subsist for a ample time.Established Conceptions are the Means to RangeYou can acquire lot of enchanting and attention-getting Designings that ornaments stores render as component of their heart bracelets jewelry. Still, these flairs are a bit function particularised. That implies they are safest fit for several occasion identical Christmas or Halloween. Avoid buying something very particularized for your protagonist or kid; instead gain heart bracelets compositions that are Traditional in their forms which can be worn by your acquaintance or kid in distinct time of the year.Function for the CharmCharm bracelets are no doubt one of the most hot compositions rendered out to adolescents and children during unique social functions. These are viewed as the optimum case of heart bracelets picks that you can present your minor or admirer. These pleasant bracelets derive in varying tiny Intentions and sizes that are detailed to accord anyones wrist. You can find out charms in variant expressive styles and Designings; you can opt a number of iconic Patterns as part of the charms and bracelets that gift your daughter or niece a peculiar expression.Select Simplified Jewelry PiecesHeart bracelets pieces commonly feature two popular forms: one is plain shapes of silver and gold and secondly crystals and jewels jeweled jewelries. While you are contriving to buy heart bracelets pieces to your admirer or young girl, it would be strongest to take styles that are scenic simplified and clean, not adorned with heavy stones. But if they wish heavy jewels you can function for the gem stones mounted jewels for them. The profits of these jewelry is that these heart bracelets parts can easily complement distinct characters of outfit that they unremarkably assume on functions and other regular parties. youngsters and young girls mature up pretty prompt even before you find out and the supplements galore cannot compliment them and agree them properly. But heart bracelets pieces will stay with them for a extended time. Still if they outgrow this, these heart bracelets pieces may easily be integrated to another mounts so that they can utilize it subsequently on.Ask for PromptingsYou can postulate you local jeweler for varying suggestions involving these jewels. They can merrily present suggestions on what type of heart bracelets piece can suit you, your protagonist, or relation cozier. With their suggestions, you can easily take through the legion beautifully contrived decorations purchasable on internet shops local jewelry shop grounded on your budget and the person you are amazing the embellishes for.



Autumn …the Best Time To Visit Central Florida For Seniors & Couples

Summer is generally known as a peak time for taking a vacation because children are out of school. Fortunately normal life for families resumes in September as the kids return to their studies and things quiet down. Fortunately for seniors and couples this makes it the ideal time to visit Central Florida as fun and savings are the order of the day!

There are so many things to do and you can now do them with relative ease. Of course, there are still busy times such as Thanksgiving or Halloween but if you avoid those few days you will find things at their most quiet and that makes traveling and getting around so much easier.

Fall is the perfect time to visit as festivals, concerts and cultural events kick into high gear. Antique stores and malls abound for treasure hunters and if you enjoy a round of golf or a relaxing spa treatment, you’ll find things so much easier to enjoy as the searing heat and the stifling humidity of the Summer takes its break.

Of course, Central Florida is home to the world’s best theme parks; Walt Disney World houses Magic Kingdom, Epcot, Hollywood Studio’s and Animal Kingdom while Universal Orlando has Universal Studios and Islands of Adventure. SeaWorld, always a favorite, has Shamu, dolphins, stingrays, birds and a new thrill ride, Manta.

Food is always important and Orlando has become known for its culinary experiences over the last decade. Everything from budget buffets to gourmet cuisine and if it’s fun you want when you dine, you can check out a dinner show that combines fabulous food with great entertainment. Epcot’s International Food and Wine Festival takes place during the autumn season and it’s so much easier to enjoy when the park isn’t inundated with college kids as per Spring Break.

Rounding all this off is the perfect Orlando accommodation… the vacation rental home. Deals and savings have never been better and having an enormous 1500 to 3000 square feet to lounge around in compared to a typical 400 square foot hotel room just makes your trip feel like “home away from home”.

Orlando vacation homes by Florida Leisure Vacation Homes (www.FloridaLeisure.com) have all the amenities you would expect but the one you may not expect is the private heated swimming pool right outside your lounge area.

So for those who want to enjoy perfect weather, fewer crowds and great deals, the autumn season is really the best time to visit Central Florida.


*** The articles on this website are made freely available to all members of the media and the press. The only condition is that credit be given to Nigel G. Worrall as author of the articles.

About Nigel G. Worrall:

Nigel Worrall is President / CEO of Florida Leisure Vacation Homes & Total Real Estate Solutions. He is regularly sought by the media as a vacation home and real estate expert and has featured on NBC, ABC, Fox, CBS. He has also featured in The Wall Street Journal, USA Today, New York Times, Newsweek, Chicago Sun Times, Washington Post, Orlando Sentinel, Orlando Business Journal and several other publications. Nigel is also the best selling author of “Big Ideas For Your Business” (Advantage Media)

Nigel serves many clients around the world as a Realtor®, Real Estate Broker, Real Estate Investor, Mortgage Broker and Real Estate Trainer.



The Cheap And Easy Way To Buy Discount Contact Lenses

With a contact lens prescription in hand, it’s possible to buy discount contact lenses from stores, the Internet, over the phone, or by mail. The easiest way for most people to buy is online. Among the many kinds of contact lenses you can buy are: novelty, colored, crazy, Halloween, special effects, theatrical, costume, scary, glow in the dark, wild eyes, mirrored, black, white, and red. Now it’s easy to order the perfect contact lenses online at a great discount.
You’ll want to take simple precautions to make any lens purchase safe and effective. There are 75 million contact lens wearers worldwide and 31 million in the U.S. alone.
If you plan to wear lenses for more than 18 hours for the purpose of eye color change, then buy colored soft lenses. Newer soft lens materials include silicone-hydrogels to provide more oxygen to your eyes. Rigid gas permeable contact lenses are more durable, resistant to deposit buildup, and generally give a clearer, crisper vision.
People who have good distance vision but need help for reading can get a monovision reading lens for one eye. While the ability to hold water increases the oxygen permeability of soft lenses, it increases their fragility quotient as well. Some doctors prescribe disposables as planned-replacement lenses, which are removed, disinfected, and reused before being discarded.
Disposable lenses don’t come with instructions for cleaning and disinfecting, while those labeled specifically for planned replacement do. Rigid lenses generally give you more clear vision. The length of continuous lens wear depends on the lens type and your doctor’s evaluation of your tolerance for overnight wear.
Extended wear lenses are usually soft contact lenses; made of flexible plastics that allow oxygen to pass through to the cornea. You can become adjusted to soft lenses within just a few days, compared to several weeks for rigid ones.
Wherever you buy, shop for quality and value and don’t forget you want to do what’s best for your eye health. Check to see if you have a health insurance plan that includes vision coverage. When you place your contact lens order, request the manufacturer’s written patient information for your contact lenses; it’ll give you important risk and benefit information as well as instructions for use.
Compare prices – get quotes from two or three online and offline suppliers. Always buy from a reputable company; you can buy contact lenses without a prescription, but the company is selling you a prescription device as if it were an over-the-counter device violating FTC regulations by selling you contact lenses without having your prescription. You can buy contact lenses from an eye doctor, on the Internet, from an optical store or a warehouse club.
There are many good contact lens retailers now on the Internet making their lenses available at a good discount for prescription and non-prescription lenses. Carefully check to make sure the company gives you the exact brand you ordered, the name of the lens, the power, sphere, cylinder, if any, axis, if any, diameter base curve, and peripheral curves, if any. Beware of attempts to substitute a brand different from the one you want when buying contacts.
Daily-wear lenses are removed daily for cleaning and are a safer choice, provided they aren’t worn during sleep. Don’t wear lenses any longer than they’re prescribed for, nor when sleeping unless you are otherwise directed. Always throw away disposable lenses after the recommended wearing period.
If your eyes become red or irritated, remove the lenses immediately and consult with your doctor. The use of homemade saline made by using salt tablets mixed in water is one of the biggest contributors to Acanthamoeba keratitis in contact lens wearers: the FDA no longer condones the use of salt tablets. One sight-threatening concern is the infection Acanthamoeba keratitis, which is caused by improper lens care; this difficult-to-treat parasitic infection’s symptoms are similar to those of corneal ulcers.
Shopping for contacts online will save you a lot of money; contact lenses are deeply discounted. If you haven’t had a check-up in the last one or two years, you may have problems with your eyes that you’re not aware of, or your contact lenses may not correct your vision as well as you’d like. It’s becoming easier and easier all the time to shop online and often the shipping is free.



The Ballad of Vintage Couture

The Ballad of Vintage Couture

Less than a decade ago, Vintage Couture clothing was merely old clothing, an unnamed category of inventory, unappreciated at every thrift shop in America. No resale shop would accept this type of merchandise, or passé clothing for consignment. Children of couture-clad mothers and aunts and grandmothers disdained their legacy and donated these items. Volunteers were indifferent, tagging the merchandise at low prices and tossing them on racks where they would swing month after month, snubbed by the impoverished and most foraging bargain hunters.

Few valued clothing produced and styled forty to fifty years ago. The couturiers fell into public obscurity: Jean Muir, Pauline Trigere, Rafael, Madame Gres, Donald Brooks, Gloria Scherrer, Hanae Mori, even Chanel by CoCo. There was a minuscule market, and it was a refined market. Instructors at Fashion Design Schools would forage, find, and purchase definitive items to teach their students construction, fabrics, detailing, and styling. Treasure hunters would rummage and purchase an item that triggered a girlhood memory of an aunt, their mother, a cousin, or a movie star, whose panache was evoked by this clothing. It was unlikely they wore these purchases. They were mementos, purchased in an impulsive, nostalgic recollection moment for a song. Another type of shopper was the home sewers, not seamstresses or tailors by vocation, but home sewers. They would hunt for the perfect piece to take apart and study, re-construct couture, and make and update patterns from the pieces. Thrift shops selling vintage couture become a staple of modern cities near the turn of this century. Theme parties, Halloween, cross dressers, transsexuals would bring customers to thrift shops for costumes. It was no longer the excitement of vintage clothing that was driving the traffic, but the sheer nature of mimicking an earlier time.

I was not in any of the refined markets listed above when I happened upon a severely abused, moth ridden, red and blue striped, wool jersey Chanel suit with a skirt tagged $13 in 1995. I was, instead, looking for merchandise for an as yet nascent resale shop which would specialize in used couture clothing and accessories. My shop was to be located somewhere wonderful in wonderful Chicago devoted to obtaining couture merchandise by outright purchase, not consignment. My money for inventory was very tight. I had to resort to thrift shops to obtain sufficient inventory to stock a shop whose square footage ultimately could be no more than 300 square feet. The sleeve and its clearly identifiable Chanel button caught my eye. Neither stripes, nor red, nor blue, nor suits with skirts, nor wool jerseys were in style. The jacket was unstylish, a fitted jacket; the skirt was unfashionably designed with a pleated torso.

I bought it in a moment, along with each and every other couture item I could find that day and each successive day until the ‘starter’ store opened on June 10, 1995. I paid hundreds of dollars to renovate, recondition, and dry clean these items. I blew my budget and resorted to consignment for current couture clothing and accessories to bulk up to 450 pieces. I arranged the Shop by couture label, interspersing current with passé. I sold to encourage

women to try on styles from 40-50 years ago, reminding women of couturier names from the past, drawing up similarities between then and now styling and associating obscure couturiers as muses of present couturier houses. Many customers called it “Old crap.” I had no response.

And to this day, 13 years of operation later and in another shop four times larger than the starter shop from ten years ago, I cannot tell you exactly why I did this. What I can tell you is that I had to, was compelled to, because the clothing and accessories were simply wonderful. Now, this merchandise is called Vintage Couture. It’s very difficult to find at reasonable prices for it’s very popular. I find it here and there at somewhat reasonable prices and stock it in the Shop, where it proudly hangs amongst its younger cousins.

You might ask about the red and blue striped wool jersey Chanel suit with a skirt which began the epiphany. I renovated it, reconditioned it, had every moth hole repaired, replaced the lining, shortened the skirt and wore it for a publicity shoot at the kickoff of the starter store. I can’ tell you why I choose it. Turning fey, I can pretend it called to me from my closet, “I’ll be a good luck talisman during the heady first year of operation roller coaster all new merchants are required to ride.” Maybe; maybe not. The roller

coaster has smoothed out to a highway where I drive The DAISY Shop car, steering it this way and that and loving the merchant qualities I’ve learned to acquire.

The suit has transmuted into my uniform. I wear it to speaking engagements, where I sit nervously through the MC’s introduction and zone out concentrating on the rippling stripes until I hear the polite smatter of applause. Then, I stand up, feel well turned out, as I proceed to the podium, and do my best to give back to the entrepreneurial community. I wear it to preview parties, where I mingle and munch with other merchants from Chicago’s wonderful Oak Street and feel well turned out and a part of the merchant community. I wear it to business meetings, where I listen or am listened to and feel well turned out. The fact is I never tire of wearing it.

I don’t know who purchased this suit originally from Chanel, but I wish I did. I know she was a small-framed, lean person, for the suit is small, and only thin women are willing to wear horizontal stripes. I imagine she was fair-haired, for red and blue look well on fair-haired women. I know she had a relatively large disposable income, for Chanel was always pricey. Frankly, it’s a rather jazzy outfit, and I’d like to think she was a jazzy lady, not quite quietly elegant, sometimes outré and other times conservative. I’d rather not think it was a fashion mistake that she put in the back of her closet, never wore, but couldn’t bear to donate for the high price she had paid. I think she went to the Chez Paree in Chicago on Saturday night dates with her husband and smoked cigarettes there from long cigarette holders. I think she did volunteer work some where worthwhile and had a long and happy life with her large family around her. I think she would enjoy knowing her suit is still valuable and doing its job of making its wearer feel well turned out.

I think CoCo would be pleased, too.



Gadgets for Him

Do you enjoy buying all sorts of new products when it first hits the market? A lot of people enjoy having eccentric items in their collection of gadgets, so what better place to buy them than from an internet source?
Every season brings along new colors and designs for the gadgets made available for purchasing online. During the Christmas and Halloween Seasons, you will find favorable decorative gadgets for your home or to buy as gifts for family and friends. Some of the gadgets you may find include ornaments, plaques and metal-framed people. So if you’re looking to decorate for the holiday season, you can easily do so with the gadgets you find online at internet stores. Simply order them if there are in stock – if not, we will backorder them for you and ship them to you immediately. You will eventually find the gadgets you are looking for.
Some of the other gadgets and decorations you may find include vases and other artifacts. These aren’t your ordinary vases you find in you local supermarket; these come with unique decorations of flowers and butterflies made with wax. Then there are decorative candles and other gadgets made with different themes, like Egyptian. You can also find chimes and hangers to decorate your home. If you enjoy the exotic looks of different cultures, you may be interested in getting World Sets; these have different artifacts of figures like Buddha, angels, fairies, monks and many others.
Then if you would like to send some gadgets as gifts, you can find toys and stuffed animals for the little people in your life. There are cars, snakes, cats and balls and more. If you like collecting toys, you might want to take notice in the novelty toys and wooden toys. Wind-up gadgets are also available. When it comes to looking for gadgets online, online stores have everything you need. There are all types of items you can purchase for yourself, your home or for someone you know. You might even find something you didn’t know you were looking for. So take a look around today to see if there’s anything worth ordering.



Stress Free Thanksgiving Dinner

By, Stephanie Maggio owner/chef of Maggio’s Personal Chef Service.

Hosting a Thanksgiving dinner can be quite stressful. The holiday season is already upon us and it seems we are busy even before the day gets here. First Thanksgiving, then Christmas, with New Years Day to follow. First, calm down. Here are some tips to relieve some of the stress so you too can enjoy the day with your guests.

First, decide how you want your Thanksgiving dinner to be set-up. Do you want buffet-style? With this set-up you would need a fairly large place to set the food. Your guest would then serve themselves and sit where you have provided. This is a very casual dinner and works well with a large guest list. Another way to serve your holiday meal would be pot-luck style. This way is much less stressful on the host as each of your guests would be bring a dish and usually a dessert. The host usually provides the main dishes such as the turkey, stuffing and gravy. So a sample way to work this would be to let each guest know what items to bring such as mashed potatoes, sweet potatoes, green beans, rolls and such. Make sure your specific though so you do not end up having tons of greens beans! And yet another way to serve Thanksgiving dinner would be a more formal dinner setting at the table. This is my favorite and is a more intimate setting. To have a formal setting you would need a large table and smaller guest list. What we do at our home is set up two tables next to each other. One for the adults, and one for the kids. The kids can chat amongst their selves and the adults can visit with each other without everyone being separated. So deciding now what kind of Thanksgiving dinner style you want lets you plan accordingly.

The second thing you should do is start you baking now. Most baked goods freeze quite well. You could make and freeze pies, nut breads, unfrosted cakes and cookies. You can freeze fruit pies uncooked, wrapped in plastic wrap then cover in foil. To bake, place frozen pie in center oven at 375 degrees for about 1 1/2 hours or until bubbly and golden brown. To freeze nut breads, you will need to bake as usual and let cool completely. Wrap cooled bread in freezer bread according to size of loaf. To thaw just place on counter for about an hour, then slice as usual. To freeze unfrosted cakes, cool cake layers completely and wrap separately in parchment paper and then in foil. Let thaw on counter completely before frosting. Cookies freeze very well. Just bake according to recipes and cool completely. Store cookies in freezer bags or freezer containers such as lock-n-locks. Just thaw on counter until ready to display and eat. Doing this now will certainly help take a load off.

Plan your guest list. This may seem simple, but as you think about who you want over at your home, your list can grow to impossible numbers! Do you have a large family? If so, you may not be able to have many friends over. This is where you need to decide who you want to spend the day with. Traditions also play a part in this. Maybe you have the same people year after year, such as Grandma and Grandpa. If so, this will be easy because you already know. Ok, you now have your guest list ready.

Start your grocery shopping early! Don’t wait until the week of Thanksgiving to buy what you need. Not only are you risking empty shelves, but it is expensive to buy at the last minute. There are great sales starting around Halloween for baking supplies and such. Stock up now. If stuffing mix is on sale when you are at the market for milk, pick it up. You are going to need it anyway. You can also get cranberries cheap way before the big day. Cranberries freeze well too. As you buy items you know you will need, mark them down so when you get the rest of what you need, you do not over buy items. Turkeys also are on sale sometimes weeks before. You can get great deals like $5 turkeys limit 1. When you see this, go back again and pick up another to freeze!

Plan your cooking day. This will most likely be the day or two before. Decide what you have left to do and prep as much as you can. Mix up the stuffing for the bird and put into bowl and store in fridge. Also, you can make your rolls ahead. Cook up those cranberries. They will be much better the next day anyway after setting. You can also make your molded salads the day before as they also will need setting up. This is when you will defrost all those baked goods you froze the weeks prior to now. So if you need to frost the cake, now is the time. You can also bake up those pies you froze. Doing as much as you can on this day will help you to have more time with friends and family.

And Finally Thanksgiving Day! Your turkey is in the oven. When your guests start to arrive you need to enlist help. You may want to do it all and get all the glory for the hard work you have put in, but it is much better to let others help out and enjoy your day. Delegate tasks such as setting the table, organizing serving dishes and setting out appetizers for your guests to enjoy while the meal is being prepared. Snacking is an important part to hosting a party. This is a must when entertaining. So set out the appetizer trays and mingle with your guests because you have planned for this day and you will now enjoy it too!

Happy Thanksgiving,

Stephanie Maggio



A sample Thanksgiving meal menu:

Roasted Turkey with Herbs

Cider Crusted Baked Ham

Sweet Potato Casserole with Pecan topping

Garlic Mashed Potatoes & Pan gravy

Cranberries with Grand Marnier Sauce (YUM!)

Molded Raspberry/Cranberry Salad

Homemade Rolls with Honey Butter

Green Bean Casserole (kids love this)

Bread Stuffing with Italian Sausage,Pecans,Raisins and Apples

Pumpkin Pie

Apple Pie

Pecan Pie



Lingerie Scam Alert: Lingerie Sites That Don’t Deliver!

In our current times, many of us have become comfortable in purchasing items online. Buying items online has provided us with many positive aspects such as: getting a better deal, more selection and rare and unusual finds. For the most part, online sales have been a great experience for most no matter which company they are dealing with.

Sometimes, however, there are companies out there that just want to take advantage of people. Other times, they are businesses that are not run properly and the owner does not care about customer service. Either way, the customer leaves empty handed, taken advantage of and out their money.

The good news is we can take steps to help avoid being the consumer in that situation. This article is dedicated to lingerie sites that are either scams, horrible customer service, or sites that do not ship the whole order or the order at all. Before getting into it, I will provide you references to see specific information about these companies.

So let’s get to it:

Our first contender is Doxy Lingerie. This actually surprised me because they have a decent webpage. Usually the webpage is very indicative of whether or not the company is reputable. The only thing that stands out at me is the prices. Some of their prices are “too good to be true”. In other words, they do not line up with the general market for the most part. And we all know about something that is too good to be true…

I first plugged them into ripoffreport.com. They have a very long list of unsatisfied customer. Most complaints were from customers who never received their product. The other prevailing complaint was that the customer only received half of their order. When the customers tried to contact the company, these are the outcomes:

The most recent complaints were from the Halloween season. Many people were out of luck on their costumes they paid good money for (anywhere from $50.00 – $200.00). When asked for a refund for no receipt of the item, the representative from the company would not give their money back, just store credit.

After further investigation, I found out they have a legal matter they dealt with. This can be viewed at: http://stlouis.bbb.org/WWWRoot/Report.aspx?site=142&bbb=0734&firm=310040738

Next we have Lingerie.com. I have included this site because they have an unsatisfactory rating on the BBB. If someone takes the time to write to the BBB, it is a fair guess that they could not get in contact with the company or the company refused to resolve the issue. The reason why they have an unsatisfactory rating is because they have not responded to the following:

(2) No responses to Delivery Issues

(1) No response to Service Issue

(2) No response to Customer Service Issue

(2) No response to Refund or Exchange Issue

This makes 7 “No Responses” to different complaints in 36 months. Depending on their volume of customers, this could be normal or bad. With all things considered, they should have at least responded to the complaints. I think any reputable company would respond to all complaints, especially when taken to such lengths as the BBB.

Online buyers should also be aware that there was some connection to lingerie.com being the redirect site for a scam billing that automatically charges $40.00 every month indefinitely. Whether or not lingerie.com was aware and part of this, or a victim, online shopping through them might not prove secure.

The Reliability Report from the BBB on Sexy Depot.com is an F. This is one company you definitely will want to stay away from! There are many reports that show this company is notorious for not shipping orders. However, this is just the beginning- It gets worse…

Apparently, the way this site conducts business is when you order, they do not charge your card automatically. The charge comes anywhere from 25-40 days later! The worst part about this is they store your credit card information. There have been reports of people’s credit cards being used in different locations with no consent of the actual owner of the credit card. Very ironic that more than one person is reporting this…

More complaints also came in about the merchandise, for those who actually received it. They said it came in the wrong size or wrong color, or not what they ordered at all. They also remarked that the items were dirty. Gross! I am labeling this one a firm, stay away!

Unfortunately, there are many more to add to this list. I will try to do three at a time on a post in later writings. In the meantime, if you are about to purchase lingerie, or anything for that matter, online, make sure you check to see if they have any complaints on them. Be an informed buyer and do your homework on the company first. After all, you are about to give your credit card information to them. And to some, that could mean a free trip around the world!



Holiday Gifts for your Pet

With the holidays right around the corner you might find yourself scrambling from store to store, from here to there, with hardly a chance to think about yourself. Likewise, it is hard to find time to think about your pet. Why should your family pet miss out on all the holiday festivities? Since you won’t allow them to eat the extra leftovers from Thanksgiving why not fill their stocking with something they love? Here are some gift ideas for your loyal pet.

If you truly love your pet, then you shouldn’t let the chaos of the holiday season prevent you from showing it. Get your dog a heated dog bed, an edible holiday card, or a plethora of his favorite treats. This Christmas, treat your loyal pet. Click here to check out some discounted dog bedding and other dog bed accessories.